LOS ANGELES—When Adriana Chechik won AVN Female Performer of the Year in 2017, it came right on the heels of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States … thus prompting her to utter one of the most memorable lines in AVN Awards history: “First Donald Trump and now Adriana Chechik, Female Performer of the Year.”

To some, the odds may seem decidedly low, considering that as recently as this past January, she made public comments indicating she had turned the page, so to speak, and would not be stepping foot in front of a porn camera again. 

But she’s the first to tell you that at the time, her outlook was clouded by the long recovery battle she’d been fighting—and continues to fight—since the horrific spinal injury she sustained in October 2022 when she leapt into a too-shallow foam pit during an appearance at TwichCon in San Diego.

To be a bit more precise, Chechik has in fact stepped foot in front of a porn camera or 14 in recent days. Thus far, it has been scenes with other creators for OnlyFans, but very soon, she’ll be returning full force to studio scenes. 

In fact, she has signed with a talent agency—Zen Models—and has already been booked through August for an avalanche of scenes almost entirely under the province of none other than Vixen Media Group. 


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